The General Meeting 2016

Dear colleagues! 13-14 May 2016 in Rovno at the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (NUWEE) will be held a general meeting of the Academy of Economic Science of Ukraine.


May 12, 2016

  Arrival and accommodation in the hotels: «Myr», «Optima», «Ukraine»

May 13, 2016

0600 – 1300 – arrival and accommodation of AESU members and guests in the hotels: «Myr», «Optima», «Ukraine», university
900 – 1000 – breakfast in the hotels: «Myr», «Optima», «Ukraine», university
1300 – 1400 – registration  (І build. NUWEE, 11 Soborna Str.)
– exchange of scientific works of full members and corresponding members AESU
– excursion for guests of honor in the museum of NUWEE (I build.)
1400 – 1415 – the opening of the General Meeting of AESU
1415 – 1500 – a summary report of the Presidium of the Academy of Economic Science of Ukraine for the period from May 2015 on May 2016
1500 – 1600 – reports of heads of regional centres and offices AESU
1600 – 1615 – report of audit commission of AESU
1615 – 1700 – election of new members
1700 – 1800 – discussion on the report of the Presidium of AESU
1800 – 1830 – excursion for guests of honor to the laboratory of the department of hydraulic engineering NUWEE
1900 – 2100 – gala dinner (Student cafe NUWEE)

May 14, 2016

0900 – 1000 – breakfast
1000 – 1200 – the continuation of discussion on the report of the Presidium of AESU (І build. NUWEE, 11 Soborna Str.)
– discussion on problem areas of ongoing work
– adoption of meeting documents
1200 – leaving the meeting participants of AESU

Directions for the residents of the eastern and central regions: the train to Kiev, where from the Central Station (bottom area of McDonalds) departs a minibus in Rivne every half hour (approximate fare 140-160 UAH, travel time – 4:00.). In the Rivne bus arriving at the Bus Station. From there – 2 stops to stop the Pokrovsky Cathedral, where the university is located.

Please take care of the tickets for the return journey and have money for a partial repayment for a meeting expenses (1 night accommodation and food – is added to the table, the annual membership fee – 400 UAH, friendly supper – 300 UAH.).

Materials of the General Meeting of the Academy are planned to print in a specialized journal “Visnyk economichnoi nauky Ukrainy”. Please, bring a version of a speech or article printed in accordance with the general requirements of VAC (literature according to DSTU-2006, on a separate page – names of authors, title, abstract, key words – in three languages) on a sheet of A4 size, as well as electronic copy in .rtf format for text editor WORD (font Tіmes New Roman, size 14).

Presidium of AESU appeals to you to conduct work among the members of your centre or local branch of the need to provide work reports and repayment of membership fees (which according to the decision of the General Meeting of AESU on May 16, 2014 amount to 400 UAH, as well at the expense of informing members of the Academy of General Meeting of the Academy and their invitation, since we have no way to send letters through the post offices

We remind our bank account for the transfer of membership fees:

Public organization «Academy of Economic Science of Ukraine»
Settlement account 26004000111367 UniCredit bank
MFO 300023
DRZSO 20350535

Hotel in Rivne

Number of available rooms
May 13-14, 2016

Breakfast Included

Single Double Single Double
«Myr» 25 40 550 UAH 720 UAH +


Room «Classic» 8 425 UAH 578 UAH +
 Room «Standart» 29 578 UAH 731 UAH


«Ukraine» 15 14 610 UAH 670 UAH


Download official letter here.