The General Meeting 2019

Dear Colleagues!

The Presidium of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, at its meeting on March 26, 2017, considered the state of preparation for the General Meeting. At the invitation of the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (Irpin University, 31 Universytetska St.) on May 24-25, 2019, on the proposal of the host party, the following agenda was approved by the General Assembly of the Academy.

May 24, 2019
0900 – 1300 – Arrival of AENU members and invitees and settlement at the University Hotel (Irpin University, 33 Universytetska St., 2nd floor)
1400 – 1415 – opening of the General Meeting of AENU members
1415 – 1600 – Reports of the Presidium of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine for the period from May 2018 to May 2019, heads of regional centers and departments of AENU, AENU Audit Commission, amendments to the Statute
1615 – 1700 – election of new members
1700 – 1800 – discussion of reports
1830 – 2100 – solemn dinner
May 25, 2019
0900 – 1000 – breakfast
1000 – 1200 – Round-table discussion “Objectives and tasks of the economic science on the revival and development of modern Ukraine”
1200 – 1215 – acceptance of the documents of the meeting
Із 1215 – departure of the AENU meeting participants

Directions: by train to Kiev, where from the Southern station about 1200 will be sent a bus with the inscription AENU, or from the metro station “Akademgorodok” by bus number 379 to the stop “University” (time of travel – 30-40 minutes). Please take care of the tickets for return journeys and have the money for partial payment of expenses for meeting (1 day of stay: single room – 330-380 UAH, 3-bed room – 550 UAH (for three persons), annual membership fee – 500 UAH, friendly dinner – 400 UAH).

Since the materials of the General Meeting of the Academy and the Round Table are scheduled to be published in the journal “Bulletin of the Economic Science of Ukraine”, please have a version of the statement or articles prepared in accordance with the general requirements of the HAC (literature according to DSTU-8302: 2015, on the separate page – the authors’ names , title of the article, annotation, keywords in three languages) on A4 size sheets, as well as on a magnetic media with .rtf text material as a WORD text editor (Tiems New Roman font, size 14).

The AENU Bureau requests you to work among members of your center or local office on the need to provide reports on the work done and repayment of membership fee arrears (which, according to the decision of the AENU Presidium of December 21, 2018, are UAH 500), as well as Informing members of the Academy of the General Assembly of the Academy and their invitation, as there is no possibility to send all the letters through post offices.

The financial condition of the Academy makes us once again remind you of the statutory obligation of each member of the Academy to pay membership fees. We also draw your attention to the fact that the Academy has new bank details:

NGO “Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine”,
USREOU 20350535, pp. 26004015470201,

WELCOME TO TERMINATE to liquidate arrears in payment of membership fees.
Requests to the heads of regional centers and local offices to distribute this information to members of their cell and to take personal control over their membership fees, annual reports and work plans.
For bookings and accommodation in the hotel, please contact Zhytar Maksim Olegovych – 050-577-92-40.

AENU letter