D E C I S I O N OF THE GENERAL MEETING OF THE ACADEMY OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES OF Ukraine on the report of the Presidium on the work of the AEN of Ukraine from May 25, 2018 to May 24, 2019 p.

AENU Presidium Report at Annual General Meeting May 25-26, 2018


the general meeting of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine
on the report of the Presidium 
on the work of the AEN of Ukraine
from May 25, 2018 to May 24, 2019

During the reporting period, the Presidium of the Academy, 9 branches and 6 main centers, members of the Academy carried out significant work aimed at bringing the country’s economy out of the crisis, scientific development and practical implementation of measures for reforming the economy. Prepared and submitted to the governing bodies both state and regional scientific reports, draft laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine, resolutions of the government. During the reporting period, a lot of monographs, textbooks, manuals, collections of scientific works, etc. were published by the members of the academy. The creative connections of the members of the academy with foreign scholars are spreading and tightening. It should, however, be acknowledged that the effectiveness of the AENU in some areas is not sufficient. Not all proposals of the academy, its subdivisions and individual members of the academy are implemented in a timely manner. Some members of the academy do not participate in the Academy, do not show the necessary creative activity, do not pay membership fees and even do not report on their activities.

General meeting of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine based on the statutory tasks and summing up the discussion of the reporting report of the Presidium of the AEN of Ukraine


  1. To approve the activities of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, its Presidium and regional centers. Taking into account the proposals, which were expressed during the discussion at the General Meeting, to instruct the Presidium to print the materials of the general meeting on the pages of the scientific journal AENU “Bulletin of the Economic Science of Ukraine”.
  2. Approve changes to the Charter of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine. Make changes to paragraph 1.9 (change of address) and paragraph 4.10. Charter of the Academy.
  3. Select Kendyukhov Alexander Vladimirovich Vice President for Integration into the European Scientific and Educational Space.
  4. To continue work on the placement of the AENU scientific journal “Bulletin of Economic Science of Ukraine” in international scientific databases and creation of its own journal site in accordance with the requirements of these databases.
  5. In order to implement the provisions of the Laws of Ukraine “On Science, Scientific and Technical Activity” and “On Higher Education” in the part of the integration of academic and university science, deploy appropriate discussion on the pages of the journal “Bulletin of the Economic Science of Ukraine” and entrust the Presidium (E.V.Saveliev, MG Bilopolsky, VI Lyashenko) to summarize the relevant proposals and submit them to the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada and report to the next General Meeting.
  6. To invite heads of regional departments and members of the academy to urgently submit ready-to-print versions of their reports to the Bulletin of Economic Science of Ukraine at the General Meeting on paper and in electronic form at the address of the AENU Magazine and the Presidium.
  7. The regional centers and local offices will continue to refine the lists of their members according to the categories – academicians, members, honorary and associate, and submit them to the Presidium.
  8. Set the amount of entrance fee for membership in the Academy in the amount of 2000 hryvnas. and annual – 500 UAH.
  9. To recommend to regional centers, local branches and members of the Academy when giving annual reports not only the list of articles, conferences and names of completed scientific topics, but also to provide a more detailed coverage of the scientific content (results of the analysis, revealed trends and patterns, developed concepts, substantiation of perspective directions of research etc).
  10. Leaders of regional centers and local offices to involve representatives of non-state think tanks and young members of the academy more closely in research and organizational work in its local branches. Presidium of the Academy, regional centers and departments to pay due attention to the educational branch, conducting scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc.
  11. In order to provide a broader coverage of the activities of the Academy in the mass media, please indicate in publications, scientific reports, where possible and appropriate, that these works have been performed within the framework of the AEN of Ukraine.

President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine                  O.I. Amosha

Vice President, Chief Scientific Secretary                                               V.I. Lyashenko

Photos from the event held May 24-25, 2019