Monograph by G.V. Zadorozhny “DNBIKS-convergence as an opportunity for human survival”

The Academy of Economic Sciences invites you to familiarize yourself
with the monograph of the academic of AESU Grigory Vasilievich Zadorozhny
“DNBIKS-convergence as an opportunity for human survival”,

epigraphs to which are taken the statements “The revival of our era must begin with the revival of the worldview” (A. Schweitzer) and “Today, apparently, the point is again rather to give a person the courage to live spiritually in order to remind him that he has a spirit that he is a spiritual being ”(V. Frankl).

The emerging new human-measured science investigates the Man of the Century as a measure of the development of science and a salutary worldview in the modern crisis world on the basis of the recognition of spirituality as a fundamental principle of scientific research. The currently unfolding NBIK convergence and the artificial intelligence being created are presented as real prerequisites for replacing a person with a cyborg in a crisis global world. For the salvation and survival of man / humanity in the global apocalyptic crisis-labyrinth, it is necessary to develop and implement a new DNBIX-worldview. In this vein, the spiritually human-dimensional university education is considered as the basis for understanding and implementing the imperative of human survival.

The monograph is intended for students, postgraduates and doctoral students, researchers, politicians and business executives, all those who are not indifferent to the future fate of man / humanity in the growing techno-artificial world.

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